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The "industrial 4.0" initiative has helped "make the China 2025" to speed up the opening of the office for science and technology of otter

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  On April 8th, held in hi-tech zone of zhengzhou city in henan province "member of zhengzhou expert service national-level enterprise innovation work are, OTT technology academician workstation was unveiled. The Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor Wu Cheng, commissioner of China association for science and technology enterprises association for science and technology innovation service center of enterprise Feng Geng, vice mayor of zhengzhou city qing huang, hi-tech zone of zhengzhou city secretary of the working committee, management committee director Zhao Shu xian for OTT technology academician workstation common success.

  At the meeting two days before the April 6, the state council premier li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting, decided to implement the standardization of the equipment manufacturing industry and the quality improvement plan, docking "made in China 2025", leading the made in China to upgrade. And academician workstation was unveiled the OTT science and technology, will be conducive to the deeper technical exchanges cooperation, realize the complementary advantages, common booster centralized lubrication system of automatic and intelligent level, marked the OTT technology take the lead in the lubrication industry standards say, at the same time, it will drive China's centralized lubrication product research and development in the field of smart update, power in action "4.0", boosting the embodiment of "made in China 2025" speed.

  Learned, academician workstation is the government, enterprises and institutions innovation demand oriented, members and the team as the core, relying on research and development institutions in the province, joint science and technology research of high-level scientific and technological innovation platform. On December 31, wu cheng and otte technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement at tsinghua university, and the two sides decided to build the academician's workstation.

  OTT technology co., LTD., chairman of the meeting, zhengzhou da-ping zhao, OTT technology is a set research and development, production, sales and service as one of the "high-tech enterprise", "provincial engineering technology research center" and "provincial enterprise technology center" two big development platform, close to apply for patents. Company's existing centralized lubrication 50 kinds of products, widely used in commercial vehicles, wind power, engineering machinery, military industry, metallurgy and port machinery and other fields, and exported to overseas. However, the innovative spirit and achievement of autor technology attracted the likes of wu cheng and other experts.

  Da-ping zhao said the OTT technology to establish strategic partnership with tsinghua university Wu Cheng academician team, will effectively promote the enterprise scientific innovation ability of ascension, for science and technology especially in new product research and development, inject new vitality to the development of major projects, etc, for the construction of national center of zhengzhou city and high-tech zone beidou cloud valley, billions of science and technology city, "zheng (state) law (Yang) new (township)" national independent innovation demonstration area contribute more power.

  Wu Cheng academicians on behalf of the participants in OTT technology for many years to achieve substantial results gave high evaluation, will be supported by academician workstation, in the future to provide scientific guidance for the long-term development of science and technology, especially for the enterprise to provide technical support, set up technology innovation platform.

  Wu cheng is a well-known automatic control expert in China and one of the drafters of the "made in China 2025" strategy. He graduated from tsinghua university electrical engineering department, elected in 1995 the Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor and doctoral supervisor of automation, tsinghua university, national CIMS (contemporary integrated manufacturing system) engineering technology research center, director of the "973" project chief scientist. Wu Cheng academician has won six in the country, the ministry of science and technology progress prize, guanghua school of science and technology progress prize fund first prize of science and technology, the first He Liang; hori, and won the first prize in the national "863" plan, as well as the "national excellent teacher", "national expert with outstanding contribution", also has obtained the society of manufacturing engineers every year just to name a "leading university award" and "leading industry" award.

  Qing huang, vice mayor of zhengzhou city for science and technology especially the success of the academician workstation opening made important speech, he hopes OTT technology in the future work, to implement the strategy of "open innovation double drive", constantly improve their innovation ability as well as for innovation and development in zhengzhou, henan, countries contribute an own strength.

  At the meeting, dalian shipbuilding heavy industry group co., LTD. Signed with OTT technology association for science and technology enterprises association for science and technology innovation driven power engineering "big hands holding hands" strategic cooperation framework agreement. After the meeting, the leaders and experts with gusto to OTT technology workshop and central laboratory for the field guide, confidence in the future development of science and technology especially.

  The personage inside course of study to evaluate the science and technology especially the official launch of academician workstation, outstanding technology and the industry to promote role, will drive enterprise project implementation, base construction, integration of personnel training, to promote science and technology cooperation organization, institutionalization, long-term. At the same time to build a long-standing mechanism to academician experts and enterprise collaboration, the practice of double drive "open innovation" development strategy, build enterprise as the main body, market oriented, the combination of technology innovation system, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, has the model significance. Wu Cheng academicians and the team cooperation with OTT technology, will help the enterprises of science and technology innovation team, gather resources, break through the key technology, for the local economic development mode change and innovative city construction, providing a solid technology and talents support, will also be soar on the wings of the wisdom of science and technology, especially for centralized lubrication technology application promotion and inject new technology upgrading, so as to boost the "made in China 2025", promote the industry to accelerate into the "industrial age" 4.0.