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Autol Technology
Autol Technology
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Autol Technology

I am responsible for the user to order the equipment for free installation, commissioning until the normal operation;
I am in the installation site free of charge to provide users with basic operations, daily maintenance training services;
In the warranty period, where the quality of the product itself caused by failure, our company will be unconditional to be replaced or maintenance;
For products within the warranty period, our company will provide free maintenance services, including material costs and manual maintenance costs;
For non-warranty period of the product, you can implement life-long maintenance services, only charge the replacement parts costs, our company will implement a unified standard;

Autol Technology

My company according to the total purchase of 3% free with commonly used wearing parts;
I will provide regular (3 to 4 months) overhaul service;
After the repair service after the repair time: Our customer service staff will receive your repair, the city working day 1 hour response within 8 hours on-site service (emergency within 4 hours), suburban working day 12 hours, field work 24 hours to reach Your office is handling your machine quickly to ensure that your machine is working properly
I can be your company in the past to use other manufacturers to provide comprehensive product after-sales service

Caring for customers only

"Customer first, service first, reputation first, efficiency supreme" is our service tenet,"for you to think far, to do all; my intentions, you rest assured" is our service goal, Autol Technology look forward to working with customers deep cooperation.

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