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Autol Technology

Excellent brand in China's centralized lubrication field

Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co. Ltd. is a research and development, production, salesand service as one of the innovative high-tech enterprises.

Autol Technology
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"Friends of the world, a brilliant career"

Autol Technology is the official website of AT & T Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in R & D and production of intelligent centralized lubrication system with independent intellectual property rights. The products and services cover more than 30 countries and regions in the world, providing customers with comprehensive and comprehensive。


China's first brand


9 large test laboratories


Exports more than 60 countries and regions


In the operation of

lubricating equipment

up to 560,000 units

Autol Technology

China's first brand

China focused lubrication industry first brand, the annual production capacity of 10 million units. Concentrated lubrication industry only with "equipment intelligent lubrication health management academician workstation" business

Autol Technology

9 large test laboratories

Autol now has 9 product testing laboratories, namely, grease testing laboratories, environmental laboratories, electronic test laboratories, materials testing laboratories, research and development laboratories, comprehensive testing laboratories, physical laboratories, durable laboratories, precision testing laboratories

Autol Technology

Exports more than 50 countries and regions

Autol products exported more than 60 countries and regions, by overseas customers alike. Ott has set up offices in Germany, India, the Philippines, and in-depth cooperation with the German University of Crowe, while in Germany to establish LUBMANN Lubrication Research Institute, to promote the pace of global development.

Autol Technology

Full-time R & D team of 100 people

Autol special full-time R & D staff of 100 people, including an academician, five doctorate, 10 master's and other professional and technical personnel composed of efficient team, and Tsinghua University, People's Liberation Army Information Engineering University, Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute and other well-known institutions to establish long-term strategy Partnerships.

Autol Technology

180 technical patents have been declared

Autol concentrated lubricating products have been reported at home and abroad 180 patents. Has been widely used in commercial vehicles, wind power, engineering machinery, military, metallurgy and ports and other fields

Autol Technology

In the operation of lubricating equipment up to 560,000 units

Up to now, Ott models in the operation of a total of 40 million units operating equipment, widely distributed in wind power, construction machinery, commercial vehicles and other fields

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