Engineering machinery

Autol Technology has been the formation of commercial vehicles,special vehicles,construction machinery,wind power equipment,large equipment,a total of more than 10 series of more than 10 kinds ...

Lubrication system

The centralized lubrication refers to supplying grease to all the necessary lube points of the equipment as needed by means of a complete set of grease supply system for the purposes of reduction in friction resistance and surface friction, and lower temperature of friction surface.


Lubrication pump

Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides various world leading grease pump. Either gear grease pump or plunger grease pump, either grease pump applied in wind power field or for construction project or for commercial vehicles and large-scale equipment, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. is able to provide central lubrication solution according to customers' demands.



By utilizing worldwide R&D resources, we may accommodate all of your lubrication demands.



As a control center of the lubrication system, the monitor is used to dynamically display the grease pressure in the grease line, time countdown to the OFF state, operating hours, total number of operations and fault code, etc. And, it features protection for standby at low temperature and fault alarm.


Refueling equipment

The greaser features stable performance, high filling efficiency, wide application, etc. When using, addition of grease suction pan may cause higher filling efficiency.


Common accessories

The common parts of lubrication system supply power for correct functions of the system.