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Autol Technology
Autol Technology


As a world leading lubrication equipment brand, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with world leading solutions of lubrication equipment such as lubrication equipment of wind farm, construction machinery, commercial vehicle and large-scale machinery, solving the customers' demands for equipment lubrication and healthy management and helping enterprises become more efficient and excellent.


Equipment Exhibition

According to customers' lubrication demands, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized lubrication equipment solutions for customers. From selection of grease pump, sizing of central lubrication distributor, to monitor setting, Autol's engineers provide customers with the best lubrication equipment solution.


Autol's central lubrication equipment is widely applied in such fields as wind power generation, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and wharf, iron and steel, metallurgy, etc. More than 400,000 units of lubrication equipment sold to customers in the world have really proven Autol's excellent quality.


Autol has established partnership with many vehicle manufacturers to provide users with complete service of installation in vehicle manufacturers all over the country. We are committed to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services.

Choose trusted brand, choose high quality and worry-free

Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the innovative high-tech enterprises, is committed to the development of independent intellectual property rights with the core competitiveness of the centralized lubrication system products, and to commercial vehicles, The Wind power and other production enterprises and end users, to provide solutions and technical services.

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