Wind power

Autol Technology has more than 10 series of centralized lubrication system products, including commercial vehicles, special vehicles, construction machinery, wind power equipment, and large equipment etc.We’ve applied more than 180 technical invention patents.

Lubrication System

Centralized lubrication means using a complete set of grease supply system to distribute grease to each necessary lubrication point as needed, which can reduce surface friction,lower friction surface temperature,prevent corrosion and absorb shock absorption etc.


Lubrication Pump

Autol Technology provides customers with the world's leading lubrication pumps of various types, whether it is a gear lubrication pump or a plunger lubrication pump, whether it is used in wind power field,construction machinery,commercial vehicles or heavy equipments,we can provide complete centralized lubrication solutions according to customer needs.



Gather global R&D resources,meet multiple lubrication needs.



The monitor is the control center of the lubrication system. It displays dynamically the oil pressure of the oil circuit, stop countdown, running time, accumulated work times,fault codes and other operating parameters, and has low temperature standby protection and fault alarm function.


Refueling Equipment

The refueling machine has advantages such as stable performance,efficient oil injection and wide application range. Adding an oil suction plate can improve the refueling efficiency.


Common Accessories

Autol oil filler can fill various types of electric lubricating pumps with grease on site conveniently and effectively ,and also avoid grease pollution.