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Construction machinery solutions

In the field of construction machinery, the value created by central lubrication is far much under evaluated. Faulty mechanical equipment may reduce performance and production capacity, increase operating costs. And, unexpected equipment shutdown will cause production downtime resulting in sharp reduction in income. On fiercely competitive markets, an enterprise faces challenge that the equipment should operate more profitably and efficiently. The Autol's central lubrication may create more values for customers with respect to:

Autol Technology
Autol Technology

Ensure construction machinery operation free of trouble and reduced unexpected shutdown.

Demanding working environment causes challenge to normal operation of construction machinery. Unexpected equipment shutdown results in tremendous lose of customer . Autol central lubrication equipment may significantly reduce the fault rate of construction machinery and therefore lose of customer due to unexpected shutdown of construction machinery. Autol integrates resources from global top research institutes and universities. It established "Work Station for Academicians of Healthy Management of Smart Equipment Lubrication" with academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and carries out deep cooperation with Technische Universität Clausthal. It also set up Lubmann research institute in Germany(Autol Branch in Germany) . Autol is committed the research and development of top-notch technologies of central lubrication to ensure construction machinery operation free of trouble and reduced unexpected shutdown....

Autol Technology

It may prolong service life of key components and interval of system maintenance and reduce costs of maintenance.

Irrespective of brand and model of construction machinery, the moving components such as bearings and gears always need to be lubricated. The operating conditions of construction machinery is demanding. Autol centralized lubrication system may effectively reduce frictional resistance, surface friction, frictional surface temperature. It also features corrosive resistance, vibration damping and sealing. As a result, the service life of key components and parts is increased by 60% and above and the service life of completed machine is increased. Autol centralized lubrication system may simplified services, prolong interval of system maintenance and keep normal operation of equipment under various climate conditions....

Autol Technology

Smart remote control and monitoring of lubrication to reduce costs of maintenance

In a large construction site, the centralized lubrication systems of all construction machinery are independently work, difficult to remotely and centrally controlled, monitored and managed. With smart Internet as carrier, Autol smart monitoring system collects signal from automatic centralized lubrication system and performs evaluation. The dedicated sensor may perform real-time record and storage of operating data of the lubrication system and send real-time alarm and fulfill accurate positioning of anomaly so that you may view lubrication data anytime and anywhere. It also provides troubleshooting plan to prevent potential fault during operation, effectively reducing costs of maintenance, managing equipment safer, more efficiently and easily. This technology can also ensure actuate adjustment of operating parameters anytime for advanced mode of lubrication at proper time and sufficient amount and for grease saving and environment protection....

Equipment Exhibition

According to customers' lubrication demands, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized lubrication equipment solutions for customers. From selection of grease pump, sizing of central lubrication distributor, to monitor setting, Autol's engineers provide customers with the best lubrication equipment solution.


Autol's central lubrication equipment is widely applied in such fields as wind power generation, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and wharf, iron and steel, metallurgy, etc. More than 400,000 units of lubrication equipment sold to customers in the world have really proven Autol's excellent quality.

Our Service

Autol Technology has established cooperative relations with a number of vehicle manufacturers, and can provide users with on production site installation service. Providing customers with excellent products and considerable service is our unremitting pursuit.