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Innovative casting value, protection of rights and interests -- the way of innovation and rights

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  Introduction: to speed up the perfect property rights protection system, property rights, in accordance with the law to ensure all kinds of ownership economy organizations and citizens to motivate people some entrepreneurial innovation, inspire and protection of entrepreneurship, reassure entrepreneur management, trust investment. In the case of infringement of the property right of the enterprise, it must be taken seriously and wrongly. -- li keqiang's government report for 2017.

  First, innovation comes from demand

  A private enterprise, located in zhengzhou high-tech development zone, is seen in recent years, yutong, byd, in the car, vision, Shanghai electric, mobil, wazhou, suzlon, scania and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have made a strong impression on AUTOL technology especially.

  Since its inception in 2005, autor has been developing and producing every product that has been developed in response to the urgent needs of customers in the market. Autor's concentrated lubrication and waterproof patent is designed to handle the normal operation of the lubrication pump when the vehicle is wading in water. The technology patents in oort are developed for the purpose of ensuring normal work in the high cold region. The research and development of the oot waste oil collection system is aimed at the bearing waste oil and the oil and grease seriously affecting the normal operation of the bearings; The oot multi-point pump was developed because of the need for a simple and efficient installation of lubricants in the market. The development of an autor single-line distributor is designed to solve the blockage of the bifiler. Every technological advance is tailored to the needs of consumers.

  "Innovation that doesn't target customer needs is a waste of effort." This is OTT technology, chairman and chief engineer da-ping zhao frequently in a word, research and development is the life support to the development of the enterprise, research and development need more preparation, need more meticulous, more need to concentrate and focus, but for da-ping zhao, this is not enough, da-ping zhao OTT r&d staff into the customer, close to the customer, according to customer requirements, for customers to solve practical problems and special research and development of the products, our development from your needs!

  Big accounts and small accounts on the road to innovation

  A year spent 10 million yuan on research and development, research and development of various test equipment hundred, hundred professional technology research and development personnel, set up a centralized lubrication research institute in Germany, depth of concentrated lubrication research cooperation with tsinghua university, crow university in-depth cooperation with Germany, the establishment of centralized lubrication academician workstation... Innovation requires devotion, need professional research and development personnel, also needs to strengthen external cooperation, in this account, the imbalances is the research and development investment, annual high spending on research and development is far higher than the same industry level, r&d spending accounts for much more ahead of domestic manufacturing enterprises, but people think it is a tip, especially OTT people want to do is a big account.

  Large sums of r&d funds, although each year but OTT people only took less than a decade, will grow into a domestic leading enterprise centralized grease lubrication, this cannot leave the autor of r&d. OTT took less than 10 years of time, will go abroad, and the one hundred - year - old veteran centralized lubrication foreign enterprises compete situation of tripartite confrontation and forming technology, it cannot leave the people to the pursuit of innovation, especially in the words of science and technology especially general manager Zhao Minzhang, "OTT technology patents, innovative products, in the domestic branded is the mark of zhengzhou OTT, but when we go abroad, the signature OTT is on behalf of the Chinese central lubrication industry, represents China's unique centralized lubrication technology, represents China's advanced manufacturing technology." Otter is a big book, a big book that can be made in China.

  3, thick and thin hair layout the whole world

  OTT persevering pursuit of the people more than a decade of innovation on the quality of excellence for OTT technology abroad, to compete with the international first-class enterprises laid a solid foundation. So far, OTT centralized lubrication products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and by foreign customers consistent high praise, from large-scale wind turbine to ordinary engineering machinery, from ordinary passenger cars to large mechanical equipment, OTT has become China's centralized lubrication industry a beautiful card.

  OTT technology set up a centralized lubrication research institute in Germany, in southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Europe, Africa, such as set up offices, and products in the global manufacturing the most power - Germany promotion and sales. OTT people rely on technology innovation, and so far, can effectively at the same time large equipment centralized lubrication and can waste oil collection enterprise effectively, in the world only OTT! Which is actively going out, especially to the world of style, but OTT people know OTT abroad development of grounding and the rise of nations, because we keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation of products!

  The craftsman has done his best

  The result obtain without OTT countless days and nights of hard work, regardless of the scientific research and production, OTT people just do the every detail of my own work well, this is the OTT, this also is of OTT. Autor researchers often work late into the night, but no matter how late they are, one minute of the paper is afraid to snub it. In the day and night, the production staff of the autor products are manufactured, but the installation of each screw is strictly regulated, and there is no deviation. OTT salespeople can travel hundreds of miles to visit customers every day, even if only a product of customer demand, OTT sales staff will go all out, with full enthusiasm to do the best service.

  OTT chairman da-ping zhao did not leave the company before 11 p.m. every day, this made the company a persistence and a product patent, made OTT the competitiveness of products in the international arena. OTT people that focus on doing a solid, OTT, managing Zhao Minzhang during business trip in Europe, driving more than ten hours a day, visit customers and communication, and research institutions to communicate... The ottauans only do a very good job of concentrated lubrication.

  Fifth, to the infringement of bright sword, safeguard consumer rights and interests

  Since its establishment, autor has filed 107 patent and domestic patents, and its products have exported more than 30 countries and regions, and its domestic market share has been well ahead of its competitors. OTT results obtained from people of hard and sweat, especially OTT results obtained from the consumer's trust and support, OTT always dare not to let the consumer the trust, in research and development production and sales of the work, OTT people careful with the customer's every need, but the behavior of any infringement of consumer rights and interests, OTT people never indulge! 2016 chairman da-ping zhao authorized bank for zhengzhou city intermediate people's court of the intellectual property rights experts experts, we will work closely with the government, spare no efforts to crack down on illegal infringement products, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users!

  Customers reflect an enterprise in 2008 a is the same as the otter to declare the patent technology, sale of product quality problems, seriously infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of consumers, at the same time also damaged the OTT enterprise credibility. OTT technology enable legal proceedings immediately, for this will be suspected of infringement of patent manufacturer to court, the court of henan province higher people's court (henan province higher people's court civil judgment, (2009) and three final word number 46 people] "the defendant zhengzhou some mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD immediately to stop selling infringed the plaintiff patent Numbers for ZL200720089155.2 Numbers" tank in viscous oil dial plate conveyer "patent products......"

  Similarly, around 2013, in a enterprise production of consumer complaints are very similar to xuan and OTT centralized lubrication products, butch, OTT technology immediately start the legal process, the final court ruling in 2016 the city of zhengzhou in henan province intermediate people's court civil judgment, (2015) zheng know MinChuZi] no. 611 is the defendant in luoyang company to immediately stop manufacturing, selling infringed the plaintiff ZL201020300265.0 number "automatically fatliquoring of" utility model patent products.

  With the legal protection of technological innovation is the government work report, prime minister li emphasized also OTT technology safeguard harmonious competition in the market, but also for the vast number of consumers' rights and interests of responsible for!

  Zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD solemnly declares:

  Unauthorized any units and individuals to use our all patent, if the third party knew or ignorance in using all belong to the infringement behavior, we will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on the sanctions of infringement!

  Oot technology welcomes all the exchanges and win-win cooperation of all technologies, and resolutely rejects any wrongdoing that steals the work of others.

  Respect the law, respect for science and technology, prime minister li keqiang advocated by double gen strategic respect, all for the construction of "made in China 2025" sweat and crystallization, promote technological progress and scientific and technological innovation of our country!