Excellent brand in China's centralized lubrication field

Autol Technology is committed to the R&D of centralized lubrication products with core competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights.We provide industry solution and technical service to wind power,construction machinery and commercial vehicles etc.

Autol Technology

To ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment to reduce the loss caused by unplanned downtime

The harsh working environment is challenging the health of the equipment. The loss caused by the unexpected shutdown of the equipment is often huge. The AUTOL OTC centralized lubrication equipment can reduce the equipment failure rate by 50% and greatly reduce the huge loss caused by the equipment shutdown.

Autol Technology

Extend the service life of the core components and system maintenance cycle to reduce maintenance and repair costs

No matter what brand model equipment, there will always be bearings and gears need to be lubricated. AUTOL The special lubrication system can effectively reduce the friction resistance, reduce the surface friction, reduce the friction surface temperature, prevent corrosion, shock absorption and sealing effect, thus extending the key parts of more than 60% service life and extend the equipment more than 10% service life. Simplify service tasks, extend cycle intervals for system maintenance, protect equipment in a variety of climatic conditions

Autol Technology

Intelligent remote lubrication monitoring reduces maintenance cost

Large-scale equipment, centralized lubrication system are in a separate working state, not easy to remote centralized monitoring and management. AUTOL ATV intelligent monitoring system to intelligent Internet as a carrier from the automatic centralized lubrication system to collect signals and to assess. The dedicated sensor can record and store the operating data of the lubrication system in real time, and can report the lubrication data anytime, anywhere in real time, provide fault analysis and troubleshooting plan to prevent potential operation failure, effectively reduce the maintenance cost, equipment Management more efficient, more secure, more convenient

Autol Technology

Save oil to reduce manual maintenance time

Autol lubrication system compared to the traditional manual lubrication, you can save more than 95% of the manual lubrication time, so as to save time for customers to create more benefits, the traditional manual lubrication caused by a large number of grease waste at the same time, the lubrication effect can not be guaranteed, AT & T centralized lubrication system timing, quantitative intelligent precision lubrication, effective protection of lubrication at the same time can save more than 70% of lubricants

Autol Technology

The cost of lubrication is recovered within 1 year

Expensive, unplanned maintenance and downtime are avoided by the Aote Smart Lubrication System and extend the service life of more than 10% of the equipment. Through the accumulation of long-term practice and research shows that the purchase of the Ottawa centralized lubrication system costs in a year can be fully recovered