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Ottertech, a science and technology innovation, was invited to the "symposium on strengthening ipr protection".

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  On the morning of March 1, "known to produce strong province science and technology innovation, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights" symposium in zhengzhou city intermediate people's court (hereinafter referred to as "zhengzhou then" below) voting 15 floor meeting room. Provincial high court, the state intellectual property office of the examination collaboration center, henan provincial authority bureau, provincial copyright bureau of industrial and commercial bureau, province and city bureau, municipal legislative affairs, municipal copyright bureau, the court in the zone, high-tech zone administrative committee authority bureau and other related department head and provincial academy of agricultural sciences', zhengzhou university law school, law school of zhongyuan institute of technology, zhengzhou, henan science and technology through law firm cluster technology limited patent firm, Haoxiangni Jujube Co., Ltd., zhengzhou aneca industrial Co., Ltd., zhengzhou OTT technology Co., Ltd., yutong company and so on more than 30 experts and scholars and corporate leaders were invited to attended the symposium. By party deputy secretary and vice President of zhengzhou Li Guanghu host, production division, office, the regulatory department, research, education and other related department head to attend the symposium.

  Li guanghu first introduced the intellectual property trial in zhengzhou. As one of the national pilot implementation 59 "triad" court, zhengzhou then in August 2012 formally established the comprehensive intellectual property tribunal, set up for more than three years, the cases are heard all kinds of knowledge to produce a total of nearly 5000, which conclude the number in the province and the country has a significant impact on major cases, for the protection of intellectual property rights in our province has accumulated some experience, made a certain contribution.

  Li Guanghu stressed that at present, China's economy is in the transformation of development mode and critical period of adjustment of industrial structure, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, boosting the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and accelerate the strong power of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights province, strong intellectual property rights, we are facing a major issue. Recently, our province is preparing to hold the high specification BBS of "science and technology innovation and the province of knowledge" in strengthening intellectual property protection. Today, we will invite you here, mainly to discuss the following four topics: first, to listen to your Suggestions and Suggestions on the intellectual property trial of our institute. Second, listen to the opinions and Suggestions on the establishment of the BBS "theme". The third is to listen to the comments and Suggestions of the BBS. Fourth, we will listen to the opinions and Suggestions from you on strengthening ipr protection and strengthening the market in the future.

  , head of the delegates and experts and scholars and enterprises have taken on intellectual property protection present situation, the facing problems and the new situation, how to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthen the administrative and judicial cooperation and communication with enterprise, promote enterprise innovation, industrial transformation, and between the intellectual property owner and social public interests balance, to prevent the patent holder has misused the aspects such as the rights for full discussion.

  Everyone agreed that countries put forward the concept of intellectual property rights power, for the first time that the innovation of a nation's development and economic transformation and upgrading has the vital role, the implementation of national intellectual property strategy, is to implement more strict protection of intellectual property rights, to promote the protection of intellectual property rights under the rule of law, play a guiding role of the judicial protection, and water are two ways to improve the administrative law enforcement and judicial protection of complementary advantages, the organic link model of intellectual property rights protection. At the same time, we will improve the compensation standards for intellectual property rights infringement, improve the mechanism of intellectual property rights protection and reduce the cost of human rights protection.

  Li Guanghu to thank everybody put forward many pertinent opinions and Suggestions, said must study earnestly, establish expert member library in time, solve the technical problems in the trial of intellectual property rights, in the future will further intensify the judicial protection of intellectual property, safeguard market order of fair competition, and create a good environment for the development of for the enterprise.