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AAP-180 Pneumatic Grease Pump

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AAP-180 Pneumatic Grease Pump
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Pneumatic greaser is powered by compressed air, with built-in automatic reciprocating device, reciprocating motion, and with the help of the pressurization effect of the pump, the oil material generates high pressure and realizes automatic and continuous oiling operation.

AAP-180 pneumatic greasing machine is suitable for wind power equipment, electric power, mining, metallurgy, machine tool, textile, food, oil field, port, construction machinery equipment, tunnel boring equipment and other industries. Pressure grease is used as a continuous and uninterrupted oil supply device for lubricating medium. It can work normally under the working environment of -20℃ to 80℃, which is consistent with the applicable temperature of the grease used.

Performance characteristics

1. AAP-180 series pneumatic grease machine realizes intelligence, uses a variety of sensors, and can be monitored remotely.

2. The degree of automation is high, and the machine can be automatically switched on and off.

3. The output pressure has a large range and can be adjusted to realize the delivery of grease at different distances.

4. Reliable safety performance and complete protection functions. It can also work by manual means after a power failure.

5. Imported parts are used for key parts (control valve, sealing parts), which have a long service life.
6. The design of the noise reduction system is reasonable and the noise is low.


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