Glem ikke beginner sind, Fang skal altid

Autol teknologi husker altid statsborger virksomhedernes sociale ansvar. Thanksgiving personale, Thanksgiving partnere, Thanksgiving sanfund, Thanksgiving land.


AUTOL made donations for the yushu earthquake love

The disaster is merciless, the yushu earthquake in qinghai province, the heart of the whole staff of otte technology co., LTD. On the morning of April 27, 2010, the organization of the executive branch of the company called on the staff of various departments to donate money and contribute to the yushu area. This collection, zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Donated more than 100,000 yuan to yushu.

Great love is a blessing in peace

On April 20, 2013, a disaster struck. & ndash; Ya 'an had a magnitude 7 earthquake. When the scene rolls through the scene of the scene of the scene, it makes people tremble.

Zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Has donated 100, 000 earthquake relief to the Red Cross

On August 11 in the evening, OTT technology co., LTD. Of zhengzhou in zhengzhou guanghua hotel founded JiuZhou year celebration, celebration ceremony to the Red Cross donated 100000 yuan in cash, zhengzhou city, used to rescue earthquake in yunnan province.
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