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Mr. Skarupa---President of LUPEG Germany visited Autol Company

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From June 7th to 12th, Mr. Skarupa, President of LUPEG, Germany, visited Autol factory.


Mr. Skarupa---President of LUPEG Germany visited Autol Company


Accompanied by Li Jianhua, the company's vice president of technology, Mr. Skarupa visited the product exhibition hall, production workshop, central research and development laboratory and etc. Mr Skarupa learned in detail the production process of Autol centralized lubrication system and innovative technologies of major components.

After the visit of the Autol Center R&D Lab, Mr. Skarupa gave a high degree of recognition to Autol’s technological innovation capabilities.

Next, Mr. Skarupa visited the important customers of Autol and inspected the application of Autol’s centralized lubrication system. Mr. Skarupa is full of confidence in the technical strength of Autol and has discussed the cooperation mode with Autol in the future. He expects Autol to have a broader development in the German market.