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To fly in the dream, to create brilliance -- the annual meeting of the company's 2017 company

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On January 21, 2017, the annual meeting of the exchange will be held, and the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the four stars will be held



The signature wall sign is the name, which is engraved with the attention and craftsmanship of the ottauans for a year。



What did the ottauans harvest for a year? It is the customer's approval of the oot product, the trust of the otter brand, the confidence of the otter!



The harvest is not only now but also the future, the future of otte will create greater value for the customer! Bring greater rewards to employees!



Scores of cannot leave behind people's hard work, especially behind the brand is full of sweat, OTT people recognition is the individual, is representative of the autor people a year of hard work



By dreaming and flying, we will achieve greater achievements in 2017, and a responsible expression of confidence is a greater determination of the ottotans



There was a great variety of entertainment



The four hosts appeared in the song and song



The program is very young and beautiful



The singing relationship is sincere and dancing beautiful life



There is an autor's "tacit"



There's also the autor team



There is good collage and classic huangmei opera



The draw is exciting and exciting, and the big prizes break out



The lovely little angel is the future of the motherland and the future of otte



About the quality of the products, the ottotans are unashamable, and they are all about the life of the ottamans



In 2017, the otter will drink and renew their new glory in the new journey. In 2017, the autor set out again, using the craftsmanship, sincerity, sincerity and eagerness to create more value for the customer! Create more benefits for society! Strive for more happiness for employees! 2017 will let us create a new resplendence together!