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Striving for world-class, AutoTech releases German LUBMANN brand

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On September 24, 2018, China's centralized lubrication benchmarking company, Aote Technology, launched the LUBMANN brand at the world's largest commercial vehicle show-Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show (2018 IAA), marking that China's centralized lubrication industry has The strength of competing with the world's first-class technical quality on the same stage also marks the beginning of a brand-new era of high quality, high standards and high starting point.



Part of the guests who took part in the press conference took a group photo. The fifth from left is Zhao Daping, chairman and chief scientist of Aote Technology

What is LUBMANN? Born for whom? And where will it flourish? According to introduction, LUBMANN is a combination of English Lubrication (lubrication) and German Mann (man), which means "lubricant strong".

Zhao Daping, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Aote Technology, said in his speech that LUBMANN is a wholly-owned company established by Aote Technology in Germany. It is an independent brand based in Europe. Realize excellent development in an all-round way.

As we all know, Europe is the birthplace of commercial vehicle technology, and Germany is also the birthplace of centralized lubrication. "Made in Germany" represents the top level of industrial manufacturing in the world. So, this time, Auto Technology released the LUBMANN brand in Germany in high profile.



Crowd in front of Aote booth

According to the introduction, LUBMANN is committed to becoming the world's best centralized lubrication brand, and will serve all customers who have higher requirements for product quality. LUBMANN will take root in Germany. Technology R & D, marketing services, manufacturing, etc. will all be localized in Europe, and integrate more innovative wisdom from China and Germany to serve more customers worldwide.




Customers who come to visit and negotiate at the Aote booth are endless

Every successful brand has its own mission and value. So, what value will the LUBMANN brand bring to the market and customers? In this regard, LUBMANN marketing director Michel said that LUBMANN will strictly follow German standards and provide the most outstanding intelligent lubrication overall to global customers with first-class quality. The solution is dedicated to maximizing customer value. At the same time, LUBMANN will provide customers with more convenient professional technical services at all stages of the product's full life cycle. In addition, LUBMANN will have a more open attitude, and cooperate with European professional scientific research institutes and bearings, oil products, OEMs and other enterprises, through joint innovation, to meet more personalized needs of the market.


Aote commercial vehicle centralized lubrication products

Europe is also the world, and high-end ones are of high quality. Zhao Daping said that striving for the world-class LUBMANN brand will create greater value for customers, achieve win-win cooperation, and allow efficiency to better praise life.