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The start of the war "epidemic" must win in 2020

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year,

Facing the raging new coronavirus epidemic!

Coming together, fighting against the epidemic nationwide,

Otters have been acting

We practice

A company's social responsibility and responsibility!

Go China

—— Donated more than RMB 240,000 to fight against the frontline

On February 1, the union of Zhengzhou Aote Technology Co., Ltd. launched a fundraising initiative to contribute to the fight against new coronaviruses.

Once the initiative was issued, it received a positive response from the majority of employees. In less than a day, the company and employees raised a total of 240,270 yuan.

Collected by the company's labor union and donated to Zhengzhou Charity Federation,

The charity will be dedicated to combating the pneumonia outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, and jointly contribute to the fight against the outbreak.

开工战“疫” 2020一定赢

Partners cheer

——Send protective equipment for partners in the affected area

On January 30, Aote had some partners far away from the epidemic area. Because of the shortage of protective materials, they could not be bought, and there were no masks and protective equipment at home.

The company's labor union is concerned about employees, and the union cadres contact the emergency purchase of medical masks, and send "a safe" to the partners in the epidemic area.

Otto come on

-Do a good job of prevention and control

开工战“疫” 2020一定赢

The company's trade union cadres and party member volunteers actively responded to the higher-level organization arrangements to fight the epidemic situation and protect the plant area. As a pioneer force, they came to the plant area on February 8 to carry out comprehensive and detailed disinfection work.

开工战“疫” 2020一定赢


On February 9, after the joint efforts of Aote's family, it was initially obtained the epidemic prevention review by the park and the three parties;

On February 12, the company received the review and formal approval of the relevant leaders of the high-tech zone, and it was officially resumed on February 13.

开工战“疫” 2020一定赢

From February 5th, the company organized a number of epidemic prevention and control training for all staff, online learning, exchange and sharing, record prevention and control knowledge;

On February 10, the company specially invited Mu Qiang, the chief physician of the Second People's Hospital of Zhengzhou City. Director Mu gave a "timely lesson" for the prevention and control of the epidemic to all members of Aote through remote online.

And according to the requirements of all employees, 100% of the "2020" New Coronavirus Control "National Unified Examination (National Paper) exam!

Customers cheer

——Don't be afraid of the epidemic situation

On February 13th, the company officially resumed work. The resumed workers were divided into three batches. The first batch was permanent residents of Zhengzhou.

Everyone strictly implements the epidemic prevention system and works in an orderly manner to ensure delivery and customer product supply.

开工战“疫” 2020一定赢



开工战“疫” 2020一定赢