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[Case]Mixer Truck Central Lubrication System

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Mixer Truck Central Lubrication System

 Centralized lubrication system for the mixer truck. There are 43 lubrication points in total of the mixer truck. The lubrication pump adopts the AR60 series pump station with high efficiency and small volume. The distributor adopts 4 sets of pressurized distributors, and the lubrication pipeline adopts flexible and wear-resistant resin tube.








Mixer Truck Central Lubrication System






  grease distributor installation position as picture







Mixer Truck Central Lubrication System

  Autol's centralized lubrication system is designed according to the amount of oil required for reasonable lubrication of mechanical equipment under operating conditions, which realizes timely lubrication of equipment during operation and real-time monitoring of lubrication status. The central lube system can regularly and quantitatively balance forced lubrication to ensure that the equipment is effectively lubricated, reduce friction losses, reduce operating costs, improve operating efficiency, extend component life, and improve equipment safety.