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Sany 485 Excavator Greasing System Automatically

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Sany 485 Excavator Greasing System




  The Excavator 485 was installed with greasing system that includes an ALP1026 auto grease pump and progressive distributor.

  The auto grease pump station is fixed at the fixing bracket of the air filter element behind the cab seat, and the greasing system adopts a welded fixing plate for grease pump.







Sany 485 Excavator Greasing System

The disadvantages of manual greasing are as follows:

1. The lubricating grease cannot be filled evenly. The amount of refueling is estimated manually each time.

2. Due to environmental and time constraints, it is impossible to guarantee that all lubrication points are lubricated;

3. Individual lubrication points cannot be lubricated for a long time, and the grease hardens and blocks the oil passage;

4. Due to the exposed butter nozzle, impurities are often mixed in when greasing manually;