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waste grease collection system

The waste grease collection unit consists of grease pump, reversing valve, grease suction and exhaust unit, waste grease collector, monitor, sensor, and accessories, etc.

Autol Technology
Autol Technology

Performance Benefits of Waste Oil Collection System

Remove the waste grease containing wear debris from the bearing chamber to reduce bearing friction, good to bearing heat dissipation and reducing bearing wear.
The pressure in the bearing inner chamber is eliminated to ensure that the inner chamber is unclogged and make sure that new grease is filled into the bearing.
Ensure the bearing tightness and avoid grease leakage causing environmental pollution.
Used with centralized lubrication system to effectively solve the problem of clogged grease channel of bearing so that the bearing inner chamber has always proper amount of grease, good to forming and retaining of lubrication film, causing longer service life of the bearing.
It may reduce mechanical friction strength, lower fault and maintenance cost, and increase operating efficiency of equipment.

Equipment Exhibition

According to customers' lubrication demands, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized lubrication equipment solutions for customers. From selection of grease pump, sizing of central lubrication distributor, to monitor setting, Autol's engineers provide customers with the best lubrication equipment solution.


Autol's central lubrication equipment is widely applied in such fields as wind power generation, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and wharf, iron and steel, metallurgy, etc. More than 400,000 units of lubrication equipment sold to customers in the world have really proven Autol's excellent quality.

Our Service

Autol Technology has established cooperative relations with a number of vehicle manufacturers, and can provide users with on production site installation service. Providing customers with excellent products and considerable service is our unremitting pursuit.