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Autol Technology
Autol Technology
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Doosan Excavators of Sanmenxia Fuyang Industrial

(Summary description)

Doosan Excavators of Sanmenxia Fuyang Industrial

(Summary description)


  Brief Introduction:

  On June 18, 2017, our customer service technicians installed one set of ALP1022 centralized lubrication system on No. 10 loader.


  ALP1022HNA lubrication system

  Our Cooperation with FuYang:

  As needed on site, the grease pump is designed with ALP1022HNA system, which is configured with 2 outlets using 2.5 ml/min plunger pump. And, there are 2 progressive distributors, with 22 outlets providing lubrication to 22 points on board. This vehicle is not provided with metal protection for individual lube points.

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