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Centralized lubrication System of Sany Excavator

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Centralized lubrication System of Sany Excavator

  Model of equipment:

  SY215C excavator

  Model installed:

  ALP1024 Lubrication Pump

  There are 18 lube points on the excavator,which are supplied by progressive centralized lubrication system.This lubrication system is equipped with one 4L grease pump and three groups of progressive distributor supplying lubrication oil to the excavator.SY215C is installed onto the upper cover of the battery compartment, and fixed with through bolts.The distributors are installed at the same position, at the root and in the middle of the boom and in front of the arm. Designed with shielded grease pipes.Upon completion of the pipelines and shaft grease pipelines are connected, switch on to operate the pump until the pressure 'on' time and recorded. Set the operation off time, pump operating hours and other technical parameters. And, check the delivery from the lube points to ensure that the lube points may be delivered with grease.