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Autol Technology
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Xinxiang Kelong Group

(Summary description)

Xinxiang Kelong Group

(Summary description)


Owner name: Xinxiang Kelong Group

Equipment model: B1800 air cushion belt conveyor

Project location: Xinxiang, Henan

Installation model: Intelligent lubrication system

With the rapid development of modern logistics, the demand for energy-saving and environment-friendly large-capacity air cushion belt conveyors in ports, mines, power, coal, building materials, grain and other industries is becoming more and more urgent. The air cushion belt conveyor continues to operate efficiently, and it is particularly important to avoid equipment downtime due to failures.

Air cushion belt conveyor is a continuous transportation equipment. In order to meet the needs of high-yield and efficient intensive production, the transportation capacity of air cushion belt conveyor is mostly long distance, high belt speed, large capacity and high power. The working environment is bad, the environment is corroded, the bearings are poorly lubricated, and the cost of manual maintenance is high, which seriously affects the owner's operating interests.

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