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ACL300 Intelligent Multi-line Centralized Lubrication System

ACL300 Intelligent Multi-line Centralized Lubrication System

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This lubrication system incorporates ideas of scientific distribution of grease and precise lubricat
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  ACL300 Intelligent Multi-line Centralized Lubrication System is a high-tech product developed and manufactured by Auto Technology Co. Ltd. This lubrication system incorporates ideas of scientific distribution of grease and precise lubrication in terms of time and quantity into the design and manufacturing of the lubrication equipment, which brings the lubrication of large-size equipment into an ear of intelligent control and monitor based on the internet. Since it was launched into the market, the technical class and quality of the product has been improving continuously, and the performance of the product is becoming more stable, more dependable, and more advanced. It integrates the sensing technology, the information technology, automatic control, mechanical manufacturing and ideas of administration. It can achieve lubrication with a precise quantity of grease at preset intervals, and it also has such functions as real-time monitoring, intelligent communication, self-troubleshooting and raising alarms through sound and light. This system has been extensively applied to the port machinery, oversize vehicles, guide rails (wheels), stacker-reclaimers, oversize excavators, electric shovels, heavy-load carrier rollers of tipplers and any other site where lubrication points are concentrated, but the environment is harsh and it is difficult or impossible to refuel manually.

  The system is composed of an electric cabinet, a multi-point lubrication pump, a distributor, a sensor, tube bundles, bunched cables, etc.

  Working principle:

  The system operates according to the preset program. When the off time counts down to zero, or when the system is triggered manually, multi-point lubrication pump is started. The hydraulic grease is transported to the progressive distributor through the lubrication main pipelines, and a precise quantity of grease is distributed to each lubrication point through the progressive distributor. The sensor monitors the operation of the distributor and sends the information to the electric cabinet. Then the lubrication pump stops working, and the whole system finishes the grease supply process. Then it enters the next working cycle.

  Trouble shooting:

  Each distributor of the system is equipped with a sensor. When the system is working, the sensor collects the signals of each distributor in real time, and make judgments. The electric cabinet determines the grease supply conditions of each distributor. It any set of distributor is blocked, the cabinet raises an alarm, and in the mean time, the display will show the position of the faulted distributor, and will store the information for future check.

ACL300 Intelligent Multi-line Centralized Lubrication System

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