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Autol Technology
Autol Technology
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Yutong Bus Auto Lubrication System

(Summary description)

Yutong Bus Auto Lubrication System

(Summary description)


Yutong Bus Auto Lubrication System

  Brief Introduction:

  We provided Yutong lubrication system for its ZK6805 automobile. According to customer’s needs, we chose 18 lube points.


  AR60H lubrication system, including ARH60 pump(00# grease), AK04 monitor, pressurized distributor, tie, pipe, etc.

  Our Cooperation with Yutong:

  Yutong is the largest automobile manufacturer in China. We have cooperated with Yutong since 2007. As a long-term partner, we provided lubrication solution for different vehicles in Yutong. AR60H lubrication system is also applied in other automobiles, such as ZK6105, ZK6932, etc.

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