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Autol Technology


Autol Science and technology people-oriented, set up a market. oriented, rich social competitiveness of the remuneration and welfare system;attach great importance to the training and development of human resources.

Autol Technology
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Product engineer

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-02 00:00:00
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奥特科技Job description and job requirements:

1、 More than 3 years relevant working experience, with hydraulic, lubrication, machinery more than 3 years experience in product design, product operation experience better;
2、Machinery and equipment lubrication business, attention to product user experience, innovative spirit, the development of the lubrication industry has a keen sense of smell
3、Familiar with the overall process of centralized lubrication system products, from demand design to product release and continuous improvement;
4、Have a wealth of product planning program preparation experience, quick thinking, innovative spirit, sensitive to data changes, with good ability to analyze and judge
5、Have a strong language skills; a good cross-team communication, project team management, document communication skills

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