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Great love is a blessing in peace

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  On April 20, 2013, a disaster struck. & ndash; Ya 'an had a magnitude 7 earthquake. When the scene rolls through the scene of the scene of the scene, it makes people tremble.



  Disaster ruthless people love, heart disaster OTT technology staff, the chairman of the board of directors of the company under the drive of Zhao Zong, immediately sent out a fundraising initiative, called for the active a disaster area contributions, the company all staff to support earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction. The large staff have been unscrambling to make donations. The various departments also actively organized and participated in the donation, which raised a total of 96,570 yuan.



  It is difficult for one side to help. In the face of such disasters, each of us should bring a little love and a little warmth. Once again by the donation activity, fully embodies the OTT the Thanksgiving culture of science and technology, is one of the baptism of the mind, hope to continuously carry forward this spirit, let love into a huge stream, dispel cold and haze!


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