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Zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Has donated 100, 000 earthquake relief to the Red Cross

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-22

  On August 11 in the evening, OTT technology co., LTD. Of zhengzhou in zhengzhou guanghua hotel founded JiuZhou year celebration, celebration ceremony to the Red Cross donated 100000 yuan in cash, zhengzhou city, used to rescue earthquake in yunnan province.

  Zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Since its founding in 2005, has been adhering to the integrity to yet, to give back to society, actively support the hometown construction, and in all previous disaster rescue all showed an excellent enterprise high social sense of responsibility and party hard, p plus support the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Zhao daping, chairman of the company, said at the donation ceremony. While strengthening its own development, the company should pay more attention to the honesty and the responsibility of society and actively save the disadvantaged groups!”

  Party secretary, vice President of zhengzhou city Red Cross Yu Suyun accepted donations at the meeting on behalf of zhengzhou city Red Cross platform, and zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD., chairman of da-ping zhao issued & other; Love & throughout; The medal was awarded to the company's general manager, zhao dongzhang. To grow to love for the zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Thanks for donations and called for the enterprise and the society more love love, compassion, lending a helping hand to yunnan earthquake compatriots! Zhao also took the lead in donating money to yunnan disaster areas in the name of the individual, and the participants in the ceremony took to the stage to donate. The next step will be to organize the donations of all employees, all of which will be donated by the Red Cross of zhengzhou to the affected areas of yunnan.

  Attended the donation ceremony are: the leadership of the party secretary and vice President of zhengzhou city Red Cross Yu Suyun, party member of the Red Cross, vice-chairman Han Xiaokun, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD., chairman of da-ping zhao, general manager of Zhao Dongzhang.

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