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    • On April 20, 2013, a disaster struck. & ndash; Ya 'an had a magnitude 7 earthquake. When the scene rolls through the scene of the scene of the scene, it makes people tremble

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    • The disaster is merciless, the yushu earthquake in qinghai province, the heart of the whole staff of otte technology co., LTD. On the morning of April 27, 2010, the organization of the executive branch of the company called on the staff of various departments to donate money and contribute to the yushu area. This collection, zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Donated more than 100,000 yuan to yush...

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    • Zhengzhou OTT technology co., LTD. Since its founding in 2005, has been adhering to the integrity to yet, to give back to society, actively support the hometown construction, and in all previous disaster rescue all showed an excellent enterprise high social sense of responsibility and party hard, p plus support the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Zhao daping, chairman of the company, sa...



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