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People-oriented, the establishment of a market-oriented, rich social competitiveness of the pay and benefits system, the establishment of a sound pension, medical, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity insurance, housing provident fund, communication subsidies, three meals a day, transportation subsidies and other welfare system.

Talent development

Attaches great importance to the training and development of human resources, the establishment of the Ott training Institute, and the establishment of a sound training management system.

Cooperative innovation

Enterprise development is inseparable from the team's cooperation and management of innovation, only a team spirit and innovative awareness of people, can continue to go beyond the self, the future

Recruitment Affiliated department Number Treatment Date Claim
After-sales service Customer service 10 2000+Commission 2016-08-15 MORE
New project sales manager Sales 2 5000+bonus 2016-01-13 MORE
Wind Power Sales Manager Sales 2 5000+Bonus 2016-01-13 MORE
Foreign trade clerk Ministry of Foreign Trade 1 5000+Bonus 2016-07-01 MORE
Engineer Product department 2 5000+Bonus 2016-01-13 MORE
Product engineer Product department 2 5000+bonus 2016-01-13 MORE
Quality Manager Product department 1 5000+bonus 2016-01-13 MORE
Director of Human Resources Hr 1 5000+bonus 2016-01-13 MORE


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