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AISL1000 Smart Centralized Lubrication System

The smart centralized lubrication system is a main method of lubrication. The grease is distributed to lube points through flow meter, solenoid valve, and distributor. This system features advantages of simple connection, adjustable grease amount and easy testing. It is widely used for such industries as wind power generation, port machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, construction machinery, etc.


Smart lubrication to realize remote control and monitoring of lubrication      

For a unit of large-scale equipment, there are possibly hundreds of lube points. Compared to conventional lubrication, so many lube points cause more costs and difficulties for equipment maintenance. Autol's smart lubrication system may supply grease according to demands of each lube point and perform smart control and monitoring in the whole operation to ensure that every lube point may normally operate while hundreds of lubricating conditions may be remotely controlled and monitored through computer and smart mobile terminal.

Smart lubrication enables more scientific lubrication      

On a unit of large-scale equipment, the lubrication requirements for lube points are different. Autol's smart lubrication management system may scientifically supply grease to hundreds of lube points as needed and provide scientific lubrication interval so that the lube points may be always optimally lubricated.

Smart lubrication reduces failure rate of equipment      

The internal statistics of BHP Iron and Steel Works show that, through proper lubrication management, the annual equipment fault rate of NSC Steel Works was reduced from 342 cases to 85 cases, by 87% and the lubrication fault rate is reduced by 90%. Compared to conventional lubrication, Autol's smart lubrication may perform more scientific lubrication to ensure that the parts are optimally lubricated, causing significant reduction in equipment fault rate.

Longer service life of parts lubricated      

Featuring smart operation, fixed time, fixed amount and high frequency, Autol smart centralized lubrication system is used with Autol waste oil collection to effectively avoid grease leakage, incorrect amount of grease filled, and waste grease failing to be discharged. As a result, the service life of the parts lubricated is effectively prolonged.

Equipment Exhibition

According to customers' lubrication demands, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized lubrication equipment solutions for customers. From selection of grease pump, sizing of central lubrication distributor, to monitor setting, Autol's engineers provide customers with the best lubrication equipment solution.


Autol's central lubrication equipment is widely applied in such fields as wind power generation, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and wharf, iron and steel, metallurgy, etc. More than 400,000 units of lubrication equipment sold to customers in the world have really proven Autol's excellent quality.


Autol has established partnership with many vehicle manufacturers to provide users with complete service of installation in vehicle manufacturers all over the country. We are committed to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services.



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