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  • 产品详细介绍: by Henan Province Industry and Informatization Commission as "Henan province quality benchmark" "Henan Province Technology innovation Demonstration Enterprise"; Centralized lubrication System "patents awarded the second prize of Zhengzhou City Patent Award;" Otter Technology selected in Zhengzhou City "double hundred" enterprises; The intelligent lubricating system of wind power generating unit is awarded the second prize of Henan Science and technology progress.
  • 产品详细介绍: The company was recognized by Henan Provincial Science and technology department as "Gazelle Enterprise"; Mr. Zhao Daping, Chairman of the Department of Science and Technology Innovation Talent promotion plan; With the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Cheng Academician signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the formation of academician workstations; Otter technology in Germany to register the establishment of Lubmann GmbH Lubrication Academy;
  • 产品详细介绍: Enterprise through ISO9001 quality Management system certification; The popularization and application of intelligent centralized lubrication system "project won the second prize of science and technology popularization achievement of Henan Province;"
  • 产品详细介绍: "AUTOL" trademark was named Henan Province famous trademark; AR60 Series products through CE certification; Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System "won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Zhengzhou city;"
  • 产品详细介绍: The Henan Provincial Science and Technology department approved the establishment of "Henan Province intelligent Centralized Lubrication Engineering technology research Center";


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