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Why join us

We will provide our distributor partners with comprehensive support to help our partners achieve greater success locally and try our best to let our dealers get more profitable.


The leading brand of CLS in China

9 R&D laboratories, more than 80 R&D teams, 500,000 lubrication units in running, export to more than 40 countries, over 70% market share in China.


Zero cost, zero risk

There is no operating cost, no need to stock up, no need to pay any fees. Products could be sent anywhere directly according to customer's demand once dealers have an order.


High profit margin

We always believe that the more profits a dealer receives, the better our development will be. So we offer our partners a more competitive agent price.


Help our dealers to expand market

We will promote our products globally by google ads,  and we will be responsible for all exhibition expenses at important local exhibitions. The enquiry will be submitted to our partners for free.


Provide various material support

Provide free design and production support for all kinds of product brochures for dealers.


Training services

If dealers come to China for training, our company will provide catering and accommodation for free, and provide various training services. And, our company can also go to the country where the dealer is located for training and guidance services and visit customers if necessary.



We offer various of lubrication system solutions. More than ten years and hundreds of thousands of customers’ recognition is the witness of our products quality.

About us

Founded in 2005, Autol is currently the largest centralized lubrication solution manufacturer in China, providing a comprehensive solution that satisfies customers according to their different needs.

China's leading brand

annual production capacity of 200,000 units, 70% market share, is the only company in China's centralized lubrication industry to establish "equipment intelligent lubrication health management academician workstation"

9 major laboratories

hydraulic research and development laboratory, bearing lubrication laboratory, environmental laboratory, reliability laboratory, electrical and electronic laboratory, hydraulic quality testing room, precision measuring room, oil testing and analysis room, material testing and analysis room


Export to more than 40 countries

 Auto has valued and actively explored overseas markets, exporting products to more than 40 countries and regions. And established the LUBMANN Lubrication Research Institute in Germany

More than 80 R&D teams 

consisting of 1 academician, 5 doctors, 10 masters and other professional and technical personnel, and established long-term strategic partnership with well-known institutions


More than 100 patents

Autol have been declared more than 100 domestic and foreign technology patents of lubrication products

500,000 units in running

 a total of 500,000 units of various types of equipment in operation, widely distributed in engineering machinery, commercial vehicles, wind power, agricultural machinery, steel metallurgy, port terminals and other fields


Our services

To provide customers with excellent products and perfect service is our unremitting pursuit, we provide users with "first time" technical services.

2 hours global response

respond to customer needs within 2 hours

70 service team

our professional technical service team could provide partners with technical service support to help partners better develop the market

Free training

free professional product training services

Free solution design

centralized lubrication design based on customer needs




AUTOL centralized lubrication units has more than 500,000 units in running, widely distributed in engineering machinery, commercial vehicles, wind power, agricultural machinery, steel metallurgy, port terminals and other fields.


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