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  • 产品名称: ALP100
  • 产品概述: The ALP100 series is suitable for mechanical equipment with more lubrication points.
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Applicable to wind power, ports, mines, lifting, shipbuilding, engineering, carpentry, beverages and other mechanical equipment.

Working principle      

Take ALP103 as an example. After the monitor sends a start signal to lube pump, the motor drives the eccentric to work. Reciprocating air pump starts to work, the piston pump sucks lube and delivers it to the pump outlet and the supply line through a relief valve. After the lubrication, once the lube pump receives the end signal, the motor stops. The next inactivity recycle begins.

Technical parameters of ALP80 / ALP100 / ALP120 series piston pump      

【Note】 cold winter in the winter, please choose the same level of low-temperature grease.

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